Why is the breed of german shepard long hair so popular?

The german shepard long hair can be regarded as one of the most popular dogs these days. The demand for this particular breed has also increased a lot in the recent days. More and more people want to own this dog now and it has surely become a craze among all the animal lovers. For people fond of dogs and who have a lot of pet dogs at their home, this breed is almost considered as an essential member of the group!! Such is the popularity of this dog. The main reason behind the huge demand of this breed is its attractive and striking good looks. They have a certain charm that instantly make one fall for them. In addition to the awesome looks, they can also be trained very easily. A well-trained pet dog is very easy to manage and gives the owners no troubles. The long haired german shepherd is a perfect example of this. They can be trained easily with minimum efforts and hence are very convenient to manage. Thus, the incredible good looks combined with excellent trainability surely makes them the best choice when it comes to buying pet dogs.

Physical Appearance

As discussed before the german shepard long hairbreeds are very much popular for their physical appearance. They may reach a height of about 26”. This can be essentially considered as a great height for a dog. They may reach a weight of about 90 pounds. This is just an average value and, in some cases, it has been found that they can even weigh more than this. As indicated by their name, they have hair all over their body and their beautiful hair may reach a height of about 2”. Their long hair is definitely considered as their most attractive and unique feature. Also, it has been observed that their hair is usually longer on certain regions of the body compared to the other. They normally have longer hair on their butt,belly, tail and backs of the legs. The hair is usually longer around the ears also. Their nose is very much pointed and the ears always remain erect. This gives them a striking appearance compared to other dogs. Their tails are also peculiar. It is long, straight as well as thick. When they are puppies, their body seems a bit unproportionate. They usually tend to have very large feet and ears. But once they become older, the size of the feet and the ears become normal compared with the rest of the body.

Another interesting feature about them is that their fluffy coat can be of different attractive colors. These include bi-color, black and tan, blue, black, gray, black and red, sable, black and cream, white, black and silver, etc.


As, we have discussed earlier, the german shepard long hairbreeds are regarded as very intelligent compared to the other dogs and hence are comparatively very easy to train. They are usually very much devoted to their family and protect them in every possible way. They are regarded as very faithful and loyal. They usually become very much alerted in the presence of strangers. This is because, they are always filled with a protective instinct for their family. It has been observed that if the german shepherds are trained and socialized properly when they are puppies, they can even get along very easily with cats. It has been noticed that they usually have a tendency to chase away anything that is smaller in size than themselves. Though they become very much alerted in presence of strangers, they are usually very soft and caring towards kids. This quality is very important because the kids usually spend a lot of time with the pets and we surely do not want any sort of dangerous situation. They are usually very gentle with the kids and will also alert the parents in case of any problem associated with the kids. Thus, we can definitely say that they are very easy to manage and are very loving in nature. Hence, they can be regarded as the best choice in case of family pets!


Finding the right food for the german shepard long hairbreeds can be regarded as quite tricky. This is because these dogs are prone to a number of health issues and allergies. So, we have to essentially keep this in mind while making a diet plan for them. Certain food items can cause severe allergies and hence we should make sure to avoid them as much as possible. Also in order to maintain their joint health we should include in their diet substances such as glucosamine and chondroitin which are very much essential for proper joint formation and maintenance.

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Lifespan and Health Issues

The lifespan of the german shepard long hairbreeds is considerably shorter compared to the other breeds. It is only about seven to ten years. This short lifespan is due to the fact that this dog is prone to a number of health issues. They may suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia. It is a very painful condition that occurs when the joint doesn’t form properly. Gastric dilatation-volvulus is also one of the health problems that this breed faces frequently. In this condition, the stomach of the dog gets filled with a lot of air which may cause the stomach to rotate on its own axis. This may gradually cut off the blood supply to the intestines completely. They may also suffer from other health problems such as degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and various allergies.

Thus, from our discussion of the topic german shepard long hairbreeds, it is quite evident that they can be regarded as one of best dog breeds that are available now-a-days. Both their appearance as well as their temperament make them the best pets. They are also very gentle towards the babies and the children. Hence, we should definitely think about making them a member of our family!!

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