What is Microsoft Sharepoint a Beginner’s Guide:

Microsoft Sharepoint is a web-based collaboration system and thus platform uses workflow applications, a” list” database, and other web parts along with security features to empower business sectors to work together. Microsoft Sharepoint also allows the company using the platform the ability to control and manage access to information and this process automates workflow across business sectors. Where the use of Sharepoint is, organizations use it to create websites., and this platform is consider a safe and secure place to store, share, organize, and access information from any device. 

All you need is a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and many more search engines. Moreover, Microsoft Sharepoint provides a rich and better collaboration environment where people inside and outside your organization can work together as co-authoring documents. In this article, we are going to gain knowledge about the factors why businesses use Sharepoint Online in detail.

Factors why businesses use Sharepoint Online:

Microsoft Sharepoint Online provides these primitive features and benefits for its users. Let us see the benefits in detail.

  • Document management and collaboration tools- Document libraries can be create to store documents, and they allow users to collaborate on documents in real time. This platform offers task lists, calendars, and team sites that help workers to communicate and stay connected with each other and collaborate.
  • Application Integration-The Microsoft SharePoint online integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 applications including Outlook and Yammer. By the process of combining these apps, businesses can enhance team productivity and reduce IT costs. 
  • Easy collaboration- The integrated application of Microsoft Office 365 and its features make it easy for workers to collaborate on documents that they have to work on as a team. Moreover, cloud-based management ensures that data is accessible from anywhere and from any device that supports it. 
  • Subscription pricing- Businesses have to pay only for the license that they need. And Microsoft SharePoint offers three primitive ways to subscribe to Sharepoint Online. These plans are annually subscribe plans that are bill monthly and renew automatically.  
  • Security- Generally, SharePoint has advance-level security features design to protect from any unauthorize access to sensitive information that is store on this platform. 
  • Multifunctionality- Although it simplifies document management and facilitates collaboration, this platform can serve as a company intranet provider announcements and updates on the organization’s information. 
  • Mobile capability- Here is an extraordinary feature that SharePoint supported as a mobile application. Field and remote employees can access this platform on their mobile devices and use it for mobile applications. 

Final thoughts:

To conclude, Microsoft SharePoint allows its user to store and share information and use it collaboratively. Microsoft hosts this software on its own servers. Here the businesses buy the software using subscription plans. The primitive advantage of SharePoint is, that it is a cloud-based service in general. And also it has a downside which isa the online providing the business has less control over its data and data security, as well as the underlying hardware that hosts it. 

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