Ultimate Guide to Learn Urdu Language Online


Urdu is a classical and evergreen language. It is the language through which people convey their innermost feelings most poetically. It may not be as old as Greek or Sanskrit, but with ample attention, it is here to stay. One can only benefit by gaining control over the Urdu tongue. Although it may seem difficult, you can learn Urdu language online or offline. Read on to learn more about the language and its history.


The word Urdu originates from the Turkish word Ordu meaning Army Camp. While the exact origin of Urdu is yet to be determined, numerous theories and concepts elucidate its origin.  Scholars believe that Braj Bhasha, a dialect of Western Hindi, could be the mother language of Urdu. Muslim invasions in Delhi, India, led to the formation of another group that believed that Urdu resulted from the amalgamation of Urdu and the local languages. The third group of scholars believes this amalgamation took place after the incursion of Punjab and Sind by Mahmud of Ghazi.

Urdu And Its Significance 

Urdu and Hindi share the same Indic base and have similarities in phonology and grammar. Over a hundred million people speak this tongue in India alone. Significant populations of some middle eastern countries and some nations of south Asia also speak Urdu. Urdu has four main dialects. They are modern vernacular, Dakhni, Khariboli, and Rekhta. One can master the likes of Rekhta or Dakhni by studying Urdu lessons online and offline. 

Urdu is primarily a poetic language with a grace unmatched by any language. It is ideal for literature and poetry. Urdu words add charm and elegance to poetry, which makes it appealing to language users and non-users alike. Enroll in an online Urdu learning course to grace yourself with the elegance of the Urdu language.

Urdu Today

Many people and organizations have been working to promote the use of the Urdu language. The National Council for the Promotion of Urdu language in India took the initiative to bring out publications in/about the Urdu language and literature. The mixture of these efforts with interest developed by films and ongoing research ensures that classical Urdu texts are preserved and promoted.


Urdu is pleasant and soothing to hear and has a mystic essence that intrigues readers and makes them fall in love with the language. It has a touch of grace and class that is rare. Sign up for an Urdu online learning course to learn this beautiful language today!