Tips to Start Home Improvement Blogs

There are many home improvement blogs and lifestyle fashion blog, but it’s not easy to make your content engaging and stand out from the crowd. The industry is highly competitive, and there are literally thousands of writers writing about the same topics over again. Often your ideas will get lost in the shuffle. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to stand out with trendsetter content.


If you’re planning to start your own home improvement blog, there are several things you need to remember. You will need a website to host your content. A blog can also be useful if you want to share your ideas with other people. There are many resources available for starting a home improvement blog.

You can start your blog with a theme. If you’re passionate about home improvement, you may want to take inspiration from the websites of home improvement experts. Remodelaholic, for instance, has a DIY section where readers can look at real life DIY projects. For example, you can showcase a master bedroom remodel, or build a chicken coop. It’s all about providing a true look at these projects.

Another great way to start a home improvement blog is to follow a popular home renovation blog. The Ugly Duckling House is a great example. It’s a DIY blog that’s updated regularly and features DIY projects. If you’re more interested in decorating on a budget, you can follow the DIY Bungalow blog. This blog features pictures and tutorials of home renovation projects and offers a community that encourages readers to share their own ideas and projects. It also allows readers to submit their own pictures and videos for their homes.

Easy Video Player

You can easily install an Easy Video Player on your website to showcase your videos. It features many ways to display videos, including autoplay and looping. You can also embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo to share with others. Easy Video Player is free, but if you plan to use it frequently, you may want to consider paying a one-time fee.

Design Sponge

If you’ve been thinking of starting a home improvement blog, you’re not alone. Design Sponge is an icon of home design, and the blog that made it popular was discontinued in 2009. The Design Sponge’s founder, Grace Bonney, has provided advice for those starting a blog and has created a series of resources to help others get started. These resources are packed with insider tips and ideas, and are aimed at helping people make their homes more beautiful.

Design Sponge’s blog features DIY projects and tutorials for making home improvements. The site also includes a Before & After section where readers can see how thrift store finds can be made into useful items. For example, one featured artist turned a suitcase into a table, while a furniture designer constructed plywood boxes inside a filing cabinet. Another blogger has remade a mirror into a corkboard, added burlap and ribbon, and created a message board using an old dresser.

Kate Riley’s blog

Kate Riley is a former lawyer who turned to home improvement blogging. She focuses on DIY projects and creative design ideas. Her home improvement blog includes room tours, design tips, and outlines of completed projects. The site is especially helpful for those who are starting out in DIY and are unsure of what to do.

Her favorite projects include a fireplace makeover, a $10 cabinet makeover, and a modern pet bed. She also refurbished a friend’s outdoor poolside sitting area, finishing it in one day. She’s an inspiration for women who are unsure of how to use power tools.

Young House Love

If you love home improvement and want to share your knowledge with the world, you can start a home improvement blog. It’s not hard to do, especially if you follow the advice of a popular home improvement blog like Young House Love. This blog covers over 3,000 different projects and is a one-stop shop for all things related to home improvement. It also features a wealth of information on home design and DIY.

Young House Love is an extremely popular home improvement blog that features both major undertakings and quick tips. The site was started by a husband and wife team in Richmond, Virginia. The couple lives with their daughter Clara and spend 14 hours a day writing posts and photos. Sherry and John Petersik have also written multiple books and helped design a line of products sold at Home Depot and Target.

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