‘This War of Mine’ donates half a million dollars to an NGO

The game developer celebrates 4.5 million sales by announcing a donation to an organization that helps children affected by war

The independent video game developer 11 Bit Studios, creator of the prestigious This War of Mine , has announced on its Social Networks that after reaching 4.5 million copies sold, it will donate half a million dollars to War Child, an NGO that supports children affected by the wars that plague the world.

The money has been generated thanks to the launch of a DLC that allowed players to find pictorial works for game scenarios and whose income has gone entirely to an NGO that precisely tries to alleviate the problems that are reported in the game.

A donation in line with the game

The announcement of the donation has been made together with that of the sales data, unusual figures for an independent studio that has won more than 100 awards for a war work that, unlike the vast majority of its genre, does not focus on in soldiers and battles, but in the citizens affected by armed conflicts.

The organization works in countries such as Syria, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, the Central African Republic and Uganda and has helped more than 45,000 children who were turned into soldiers.

In this way, 11 Bit Studio shows the same commitment that it showed in the title—launched 4 years ago for PC and that was later adapted to the different consoles—in which it shows its concern for the other side of the coin of wars. recounting the exploits of civilian survivors.

The story is set in Sarajevo, in 1992, after the city has suffered one of the biggest sieges ever seen. Children, adults, the elderly… none of the characters that appear in the play escape the terrible consequences of this event .

Far from proselytizing violence, this adventure delves into the bowels of a conflict as real as it is constant since man is man. For this reason, This War of Mine seems more like a movie than a video game as such, because these sad, heartbreaking stories where the focus is not on the battlefield are unusual in video games.

The title tests our strategic capacity and resource management. Trapped in a house, the different characters housed in it will have to divide tasks such as going out to look for food or tools, cooking, etc. As the story unfolds, moral decisions will also have to be made that will affect the group, whose psychological state can cost them their lives.

The field of choosing how to act under what circumstances can be bloody and convoluted. Protecting those close to you can sometimes force you to coerce, rob, and even kill other civilians in situations similar to yours. That is why the game describes a heartbreaking picture of military conflicts: because not only soldiers commit inhumane acts.

Hunger, misery, disease, resilience… The game incorporates a compendium of obstacles that blame both the well-being of the game’s protagonist and the person who embodies it, because it’s not easy not to empathize with them. During the day, the characters will have to worry about improving the facilities of the house or taking care of those who are badly injured so that, at night, the most rested can go out to look for supplies or any object that is useful to them to live another day. .

Board game

This War of Mine exceeded its sales expectations so much —at first they even gave away keys to play— that even the company, together with the marketer Edge, released a board game with similar characteristics.

With a duration that varies between 45 minutes and two hours and is available to enjoy both alone and with up to 6 players. This format is a replicated recreation of the digital work . With the same objective of surviving, the main difference lies in the possibility of sharing the experience with friends and cooperating so that the end of the world does not take you to the grave.

Although it is designed to put yourself in the place of the characters and do role play , the impossibility of choosing a single protagonist—you manage the whole group—and having to organize yourself with the rest of the participants complicate this task.

The common thread is unique and the story is perfectly told : it is quite entertaining to see the evolution of the characters and how tragic events mark their behavior and philosophy.

New DLC and a mobile game

11 Bit Studios released The Last Broadcast DLC late last year that incorporated more narrative and playable content and new decisions where being honest in a rotten world can take you to the grave. The writer Meg Jayanth has been the screenwriter of this new story starring a war survivor radio operator.

More recent was the Android release of Father’s Promise , the first installment in a series of chapters that narrates the exploits of a father who does everything possible to prevent his daughter from falling into the clutches of the disgrace of war .

Translated into Spanish, this work is based on the homonymous audiobook by the Polish author Łukasz Orbitowski that recounts the incessant efforts of a family to preserve life in a time where despair and restlessness roam freely through a population reduced to the historical minimum.

The apartment where Adam, the protagonist, and his sick daughter Amelia are sheltering has just been bombed and they are forced to move to one nearby. One day, Adam wakes up and sees that the bed in which his descendant rested, she was gone. It is at this moment that he begins a journey of a desperate search in which love and hate intertwine to offer us a deep and painful story .

This War of Mine gives you goosebumps by forcing you to witness the unhealthiness and illnesses that its protagonists go through. Anyone would hesitate to worry more about their health seeing the consequences of leaving them in the background

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