The Rythmia Life Advancement Center’s Eco-Friendly And Organic Feast

How can a health-oriented food service company that promotes healthy eating and sustainable living be sustainable itself? At Rythmia Life Advancement Center they will serve you meals made with organic and locally-grown ingredients, in living rooms full of greenery.

What is a Farm-to-Table, Organic, Eco-Friendly?

A farm-to-table, organic meal is a dish that is cooked using local and organically grown ingredients. The food is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals.

Why should you eat Food from Small Farms?

The Rythmia Life Advancement Center believes that by eating food from small farms, you are helping to preserve the environment. Small family farms are typically more ecologically friendly because they use more organic farming practices. These practices include using natural fertilizers, preventing soil erosion, and conserving water and energy. Additionally, these farms often have less of an impact on the local wildlife because they do not produce large amounts of livestock.

Why should you eat Foods That are Organic?

The Rythmia Life Advancement Center’s Eco-Friendly And Organic Feast will give you the rundown on why it is important to eat foods that are organic. According to several studies, eating organic foods has many benefits for your body and the environment. The following are just a few of the many reasons to consider eating organic: -Organic foods don’t contain harmful pesticides or herbicides, which can cause cancer and other health problems. -Organic farming practices help prevent soil erosion and depletion of natural resources. -Organic food contains more nutrients than conventional food.


Thank you for attending our eco-friendly and organic feast! Our goal was to provide a unique dining experience that showcased the many wonderful flavors and textures that can be enjoyed when eating organic. We are so happy to have had such a positive response from our guests, and we hope you’ll join us next year for another delicious meal!

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