Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments: What They Excel at, and an Alternative

If the bulk of your work on the farm or the job site has to do with excavation and you periodically need to dig deep holes, a skid steer backhoe attachment just might be the most versatile, practical skid steer attachment at your disposal.

Additionally, skid steer backhoes have a few advantages over other types of attachments that are also suitable for excavation. Let’s take a look at some of these.

What You Can Do with a Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment
Skid steer backhoe attachments endow a skid steer with some of the abilities of an excavator. They consist of a set of hydraulic arms that can be paired with a wide variety of buckets (depending on the manufacturer) for the general purposes of excavation.

Skid steer backhoes can be used for digging deep holes, pits, trenches, draining ditches, holes for planting, and much more. Some backhoes can even be used for ripping up roots or concrete slabs, and since they are often equipped with buckets, they can be used for removing and manipulating debris.

Backhoe attachments offer unprecedented flexibility and versatility in excavation. They are easily capable of digging both deep and shallow holes, as well as wide or narrow pits or trenches.

This gives backhoes select advantages over buckets and auger attachments. While buckets excel at moving large amounts of material, backhoes can dig deeper and more efficiently. A skilled operator can also grade and compact with a backhoe bucket, although the process would take much longer.

Augers are efficient for digging speed holes with relatively smooth sides. This is an advantage over backhoe buckets – but backhoes can manage spoil more efficiently and use it to create pits, hills, and grades; an auger can’t do that.

One other niche application of a skid steer backhoe is for cutting trenches, which can be done fairly efficiently but not as efficiently as with a dedicated skid steer trencher attachment.

If You Need to Cut Trenches and Dig Utility Lines, Get a Skid Steer Trencher Attachment
While a backhoe can be used for cutting trenches, skid steer trenchers are more effective and efficient, and many of them are equipped with anti-back-flex chains for durability, reliability, and efficiency. They can also be equipped with several different types of teeth for managing a wider range of soil types, from sand to loam and even rocky or frozen earth.

Trenchers are the best option if the majority of your line of work involves cutting trenches for utility lines or drain lines. While a trencher is somewhat more limited through its specialization than a backhoe attachment, it will perform these select duties more efficiently.

Regardless of that consideration, whether you need a trencher, a backhoe attachment, a bucket, or even an auger, the recommendation is the same: Spartan Equipment.

Where Can You Get Both Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments and Trenchers
Spartan Equipment sells the industry’s toughest attachments, hands down. They will Never Surrender and are made in the United States from American steel.

Spartan produces a wide range of highly specialized skid steer bucket attachments, auger drives and bits, and trenchers, as well as skid steer backhoe attachments.

Both of their skid steer backhoe attachments come with hoses and flat face couplers and are built with high-strength 10-gauge 100ksi American steel for diminished weight and enhanced strength.

They also feature full 180° swing rotation with equal power, as well as swing speed control, and are compatible with several different bucket sizes, in the case of the larger model, capable of digging as deep as 133 inches.

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