Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Project Manager Before Commencing A Project

The type of project that you’re going to be undertaking will heavily dictate your relationship with your commercial project manager without a doubt. The first thing that you need to know about your commercial renovation contractors is whether they have experience in the type of project that you want them to undertake. Certain commercial renovations require unique expertise, and if you’re going to be investing in a renovation project you’ll certainly want to know that the company you’ve hired has done this before.

Another question that you’re going to want to ask is if they (the contractors that you hire) will be handling every aspect of the project. A lot of times what happens is that project managers will bring along other companies or professionals for specific parts of the job. That’s not necessarily a bad practice. The problems come when your project manager hires a third party that maybe doesn’t provide quality work, or they want to charge more for a service that you can get for less on the side. Getting involved in this part of the project can ensure that you’re getting the best deal, and not hiring a project manager who is making the project more expensive.

A Realistic Project Cost & Time Table

This is really what’s going to make or break any project. If the project goes off budget, or off schedule, and then off budget that can really derail a business. When this happens for example while renovating a restaurant you’re losing money not only because you’re investing more than you expected, but potentially because you have to remain closed while the renovation is taking place. Therefore, a clear timetable, and overall finances on the project are key to its long term success. 

What you don’t want out of contractors is just yes to be the answer to everything. A lot of times when contractors really want the project they’ll say yes to all of your demands just to get you to book them for the project. When they don’t deliver in time you’re stuck. Don’t be afraid as an investor to ask the uncomfortable questions regarding the budget, and the true timetable in which the project can be completed. It’s preferable to work with someone who under promises and over delivers, than to have it be the other way around.

Permits & All Of The Paperwork You Need 

Make sure that the company that you hire is able to do all of the dirty work for you. If they need to bring in asbestos removal contractors, or handle that type of job that’s ideal. Also make sure that they are able to get all of the permits that you need, and can make sure that everything is done by the book. The last thing that you want is to have to deal with a paperwork issue or, worst case scenario a lawsuit because something wasn’t done the right way. This whole paperwork and legal aspect of the project is a side that you don’t want to have to worry about. 

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