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Love is definitely a very warm feeling. It might seem that love is a very simple and subtle feeling that is experienced by almost everyone. But this is not the case. Experts claim that love is not that simple and it is quite complicated and intricate as well. There are a lot of psychological factors that are associated with love. These factors are not just assumptions and are usually supported by various scientific explanations. It might seem like a very private and less discussed topic initially. But actually, it is one of the most researched topics and researchers have a lot to say about it.

Now, when we are talking about the psychology facts of lovewe are actually deeply examining the very foundation or base on which this feeling called love exists. We will also be looking at various factors that are essential for building a healthy relationship through love. So, let us start discussing these facts one by one.

  1. Love cannot be considered as a single feeling. It should be essentially regarded as a combination of three different feelings. These feelings are namely attachment, lust and lastly attraction. All the three feelings or sensations are very important to develop a strong feeling of love. In the absence of any one of these three feelings, we will not be able to grow the emotion of love within ourselves. Even if we are able to do so, it will surely have a weak foundation and will not survive much time. Thus, attachment alone or lust alone or attraction alone cannot help you to build a relationship based on love with someone. 
  2. It can be rightly said that the attachment which we develop for someone is entirely based on our obsession with that person. Thus, if we are attached to someone, then initially we might feel that we are falling in love with that person. But surprisingly this is not the case. Development of attachment with a particular person actually indicates that in some way you are getting obsessed about the person. In other words, the feeling of attachment is born from your obsession and not love. It might sound unacceptable but actually it is backed by scientific evidence! And hence this point finds a place among the psychology facts of love.
  3. The feeling of attachment is not only restricted with romance. This is a very vital fact. This is because the emotion of attachment is not only felt in romantic relations. There are other relationships also where attachment plays an important role. This may include the relationship between a father and a daughter, a new-born and his mother, two best friends, grandparents and grandkids, etc. Thus, we can definitely say that attachment is not just present in romantic relations but in a wide variety of other relationships too.
  4. When we are in love with someone, it brings a lot of changes within ourselves. Being in love can bring vast changes to us than we can ever imagine. Sometimes we start changing our habits and hobbies. Sometimes it has been seen that people even experience a change in their eating habits and diet preferences too. These changes may occur consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes we change our ways in order to make the other person in the relationship more comfortable. Thus, it is one of the most important points in the psychology facts of loveand various studies have also been published regarding the same.
  5. This is quite an interesting fact. Whenever we are in love, our appetite decreases considerably. This is actually experienced when you are going through a phase of love called attraction. During this time, high levels of certain hormones are released in our body and these hormones are responsible for the low appetites. It also hampers our sleep to a great extent. This is the reason why people in love find it quite difficult to sleep at night. The hormones are the actual culprits here!
  6. The next fact is quite famous and it is very popular among everyone throughout the world. According to this fact, love can truly be regarded as blind. It is actually true and has been proved by scientific research. When we are in love our nervous system starts working in such a way that we lose our ability to make judgements, take proper decisions, and analyze situations. Thus, in simple terms our ability to make vital assessments stops working completely. Hence, it is very much accurate to say that love indeed makes one blind!
  7. This fact also has great importance among psychology facts of love. We may find it difficult to believe that love can actually make you sick. But the truth is love has the capability to suppress our immune system in certain ways and this in turn increases your likelihood of becoming sick.
  8. Lastly, you do not have to be newly married to be madly in love with each other. Some people believe that during the initial days after marriage the couples are usually madly in love with each other. But as they grow older, the love starts decreasing. This is not true. It has been proved by research that couples can stay in the marriage with the same passion and be madly in love with each other even after decades of being married. The spark is not lost and it stays forever.
  9. Relationships can be improved to a great extent if you try to be grateful for everything you have. This is a very important quality which should be taken into account in case of all sorts of relationships. 

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So, in this article we have discussed about some of the psychology facts of loveThese facts surely indicate that love is not as simple as we may think. It is quite complicated and detailed research indicates that there are a lot of things that are going on beneath this wonderful emotion.

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