OwnWebServers Review – Real Value for Money Web hosting Services

Finding a web hosting company that is right for your website can be difficult because there are so many out there, each having advantages and disadvantages. There are times when you come across a provider who is excellent at web hosting but also quite costly to contract.

Additionally, frequently you’ll come across a cheap hosting service that has extremely negative customer reviews, making it less reliable. The great secret is choosing a hosting service with an excellent user rating and very reasonable hosting prices that finds a balance between the two.

OwnWebServers is a web hosting service providing company in the US, with different web hosting plans available at a reasonable range. The company currently claims to have 200 worldwide. The business also provides some top-notch services that can help you better optimize your website and business.

OwnWebServers Popular Web Hosting Plans

  1. Windows Hosting

Their windows web hosting Starting from as low as $3/month, OwnWebServersoffers Windows hosting plans in different packs – the Starter, the Performance, and the  Business, providing unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email IDs with the performance and business plans.

In the windows web hosting plans, it provides an Unlimited Webspace with Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited email IDs. Along with this, it provides a free SSL certificate with all the plans.

  1. Web Hosting

From just $3/month, you can enjoy the advantages of web hosting offered by OwnWebServers. Providing unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, Email IDs, and free SSL certificates with the different plans, OwnWebServers provides a great deal in Linux and dedicated web hosting plans.

  1. WordPress Hosting

OwnWebServers offers Cheap WordPress hosting plans starting from just $3/month. It offers unlimited webspace, bandwidth, and unlimited Email IDs with all plans. However, performance and business packs are equipped with better features and prove a good choice for medium, and large businesses and organizations.

  1. VPS Hosting

OwnWebServers offers Best VPS hosting plans starting from $7/month. With SSD Storage of 30GB, 1 GB Memory, Dedicated  IP, and a lot of other features, OwnWebServers offers VPS hosting at a very affordable range with good features. If you are looking to have a Virtual  Private Server for your site smart can prove to be the best choice.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

Starting from $94.50/month, OwnWebServers offers a minimum of 32GB RAM, STORAGE (HW RAID): 2 X 1TB SSD, They are offering more in the performance and business plans offer the really best deal in Dedicated server hosting.

OwnWebServers offers a variety of other features:

99.95% Uptime

You would not want to lose any business, but if your hosting provider has poor uptime, this could occur. However, OwnWebServers guarantees a 99.95% uptime, so you do not need to be concerned about losing clients. Your website or services will be accessible online for basically the entire day.

SSD Storage

An exceedingly quick-loading website is always chosen by users who want to scroll. The SSD storage devices help your website load quickly and provide users with good browsing.

The most recent generation of storage devices is the powerful SSD storage discs. All websites are hosted by OwnWebServers on strong SSD drives.

Full Root Access

Although OwnWebServersv provides managed VPS hosting, there may be times when you want to alter the server to be yours. You are allowed full root access, allowing you to control your VPS server. Additionally, using the Secure File Transmit Protocol, you can securely access and transfer your files on a virtual private server (SFTP).

Host Unlimited Website – You can get an OwnWebServers Multi plan that lets you host multiple websites. You are free to create an unlimited number of small and medium-sized websites. Additionally, you can host your clients’ websites and make money off of them.

Instant Account Setup

OwnWebServers provides any-time customer support to its users. If you have any questions, you can contact their support service, and they will help you as quickly.

24/7 Customer Support

With OwnWS, you can save money and valuable time. They provide you with your cPanel login details after receiving payment confirmation to get you going. In no time at all, your web hosting account will be set up.


Budget is a major concern for website owners, and everyone is continually seeking to host that is both average in price and above average in terms of services. The economical and fair hosting plans and services offered by OwnWebServers make it an excellent option for your website.

User reviews show the company’s reliability and make it a “liked by the majority” hosting provider. As a conclude, we can only conclude that OwnWebServers is a hosting company that provides services and support at a reasonable price.

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