Mistakes When Choosing A Knife

It is found that after paying a reasonable amount of money for a kitchen knife of a well-known brand, the consumer does not use it. The product is considered too heavy, impractical, impractical, or unsuitable for certain purposes. Let’s see what mistakes common buyers make when choosing a knife and how to avoid them.

1. Mistake: One knife will replace all others

A knife for cutting meat, vegetables, or fish is not just an empty name or an attempt to observe table manners. These classes are really useful and practical for specific jobs. Imagine what would happen if you cut a steak with a small fruit knife. However, a hobby kitchen does not necessarily have a complete set of varieties. Select the main list of functions and buy the most suitable model. You can also buy a standard set of knives from the so-called “triple chef”: chef, vegetable, and universal. If, for example, you usually cook sushi, be sure to buy sashimi as well.

2. Error: Everything is judged by the size

The more the better: This is the wrong way. It is not without reason that universal knives have an average size. A large knife – chef, ax, or santoku is also useful, but it’s not about size, it’s about functionality. A large knife is suitable for more “rough” work and a large male palm. It requires physical labor to work with it. The main menu of everyday tasks in the kitchen is solved with the help of small standard products. As a rule, they are compact, fit comfortably in the palm, and are more manageable.

3. False: A good knife is very expensive

You can choose a decent option among the products in the mid-price segment. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the steel, the material used to make the handle, and the quality of the sharpening. For example, many models of Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set are affordable, made of high-alloy steel, and retain their original razor sharpness for a long time.

4. Mistake: Innovation is a priority

Sellers and marketers do their best to beat their competitors and raise prices, sometimes using unethical methods. This category includes self-sharpening blades, laser-sharpened blades, and superior abrasion resistance warranties. Study of blade properties: hardness index, alloy composition, and performance characteristics. Compare the received data with the price of the product and draw the correct conclusion. For example, world-famous Damascus steel knives are in high demand among professionals, even though this production technology is more than a hundred years old.

When choosing a quality knife

Be guided by real product needs and real features. This allows you to choose a suitable kitchen knife directly from the manufacturer’s factory. Original products at the best prices at knife & knives To see the quality of products yourself, you can place an order on the site or visit one of our three brand stores. We take care of each of our customers and arrange delivery to Washington, and any other city in the American

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