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With its headquarters in Singapore, JGlasses & Hearings is the largest and most reputable supplier of hearing healthcare / hearing aids in the area.

JGlasses & Hearings currently runs in Singapore. As the world becomes noisier, more people abuse portable music players, and the population continues to age but remain physically active, there is an increasing need for specialised hearing healthcare. JGlasses & Hearings is expanding in all way to meet the demand for better hearing healthcare in more accessible locations closer to our clients than before.

Our mission is to provide full hearing and communication healthcare, utilising the latest diagnostic processes, technology & therapy to develop, repair or enhance hearing, central auditory perception and speech. “Complete Hearing Healthcare” refers to offering all services and tools required to give our clients a one-stop shop for all their communication- and hearing-related needs. Several tests are carried out to unbiase assess a customer’s hearing and central & central auditory processing skills to determine the degree of hearing loss.

Developments in hearing healthcare

With novel testing techniques routinely made accessible, hearing testing has undergone significant recent development and continues to do so.

The functions of the ear (hearing) and the brain require to comprehend heard sounds are both evaluating by JGlasses & Hearings to assess a person’s hearing impairment. The easier it will be to choose the required hearing device technology, analyse the short- and long-term benefits, and decide whether further rehabilitation is necessary, the better and more thorough the examination must be.

Every little sound information that reaches the ear is transforming into millions of electrical impulses that go through the hearing nerve to the brain’s auditory centres. The brain processes these impulses in patterns for analysis, storage, meaning assignment, and retrieval when the same way is observed again.

Sound translation into electrical impulses is inert, whereas brain operations must be learnt and continually practised to maintain optimal performance.

When the ears’ capacity to correctly and completely translate sounds into electrical impulses is compromising, fewer electrical impulses are delivered to the brain, which leads to hearing loss. Over time, the decreased input caused all core auditory processing and general cognitive capacities to deteriorate.

Holistic method

JGlasses & Hearings offers assistance for a wide range of hearing-related issues in addition to the most recent hearing aid technology.

The most frequent issue with hearing is tinnitus. In certain instances, the ringing sound might become so upsetting that the person can no longer lead a regular life. Tinnitus Treatment Devices from Neuromonics, Australia, which are presently the only Tinnitus device with FDA clearance for the promise of permanently eliminating Tinnitus disturbance, can offer relief in certain circumstances.

JGlasses & Hearings offers complete clinical audiometry services for children and adults, including Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Otoacoustic Emission (OAE), Central Auditory Test, and ABR or ASSR tests, as needed and desired by the local ENT community. The use of Hearing Aids may not be immediately beneficial for adults who have lost their hearing; instead, they may require more or less intensive central auditory rehabilitation. JGlasses & Hearings offers counselling and therapy to these individuals to aid in their progressive re-acclimatisation to hearing all of life’s noises.

Children must initially learn to hear about developing their core auditory functions and auditory memory, making them different from adults. It provides Integrated Hearing and Speech Development treatment in a few places to assist these kids in building their hearing and language abilities, so they can attend regular school and live everyday lives.

JGlasses & Hearings has access to the newest technology from the most reliable manufacturers worldwide since it is an independent business that is not linking with nor control by any maker of hearing aids.

It purchases hearing aids from Bernafon, Starkey, or Siemens in Germany (Switzerland). The first waterproof 120-channel cochlear implant in the world is supply by Advanced Bionic (USA), while Neuromonics (Australia) offers tinnitus treatment gear. Meditech provides the hardware and software for Central Auditory Training and Testing (Germany).

No of their age, hearing issue, or financial situation. Our objective is to compassionately assist each individual in finding his or her finest customised long-term hearing and communication solution.

The Company refers to its holistic approach as treating hearing loss patients with compassion, understanding their problems, and providing them with tools to understand their hearing better. It is equally important to us to treat hearing loss. People affected by hearing loss frequently feel alone and insecure.

Sophisticated technology

The design, colour, and high-tech features, such as Bluetooth capabilities, are left up to each patient’s choice. Objective test results establish the required technological level of a hearing aid. Hearing aids are available in a broad range of styles and price points; while the size and form of the devices have some bearing on pricing, technical sophistication largely dictates prices.

Modern hearing aids are more or less sophisticated minicomputers. The level of precision for loudness and frequency control, as well as the quality and quantity of programmable noise reduction settings, are indicators of a hearing aid’s sophistication.

A hearing aid with more excellent resolution and better noise control allows it to be better adjusted to a patient’s initial amplification preferences while still offering the most benefit, which is one of the three advantages of a more costly, higher technology hearing aid.

A high-resolution device may be gradually adjusted to maximise this development as the patient’s central auditory system readjusts to greater stimulation, allowing the patient to regain his hearing comfortably.

Last but not least, some top-tier products available today have cutting-edge features that enable you to find a lost hearing aid, store an unlimited number of environmental settings in the cloud and automatically activate them based on location, or connect them to your mobile phone and take advantage of clear, discreet phone calls.

Specialist staff

One of the numerous advantages of working at JGlasses & Hearings is the qualified workforce. Due to our scale, we can employ a wide range of professionals with various educational backgrounds to serve our clients. All of our employees receive regular training from internal specialists, external trainers from manufacturers, or by attending international conferences and fairs both domestically and internationally.

PhD, Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Diploma-level Audiologists make up our workforce, which is also made up of Hearing Healthcare Consultants, Hearing Aid Acousticians, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, and devoted Support Staff.

The effects of hearing loss go far beyond the evidence of inability to hear. Institutions like the National Council on Aging, John Hopkins Medical Center, Better Hearing Center, and many more have widely reported on and demonstrated these effects.

Untreated mild hearing loss has been related two times, moderate hearing loss three times, and severe hearing loss to five times increased risk of acquiring dementia. Adults with untreated hearing loss endure a 30–40% deterioration in cognitive skills.

Untreated mild hearing loss has been related two times, moderate hearing loss three times, and severe hearing loss to five times increased risk of acquiring dementia. Adults with untreated hearing loss endure a 30–40% deterioration in cognitive skills.

The likelihood of an older adult falling and suffering significant injuries is often higher. A history of falling is three times more frequent in people with minor hearing loss (25dB). The probability of falling rose by 1.4 times for every extra 10 decibels of hearing loss.

According to research, older persons with untreated poor hearing live shorter lives than those with hearing aids. Another result of untreated hearing loss is a much greater incidence of depression and social isolation. We hope that through our efforts and the work of others in the business, we will be able to change this in the future significantly.

Article was published by tecnotimes.com