Cutting the rope promised you the world by giving you full control of the channels you subscribe to and the programming you watch. You can choose what you like and pay only for it. It is understandable that it is considered the most affordable option, the best, compared to cable television. So, if you have already thought about making the change, today may be a good time to do so.

While going after streaming services is one way to go, you’re pleasantly surprised by what cable providers have to offer. Adapting their services to the new times, cable TV providers have come up with plans that give their viewers more control over what they watch. If you’re looking for a plan to get your daily dose of entertainment, look no further than Charter Spectrum. It is the best to give you exactly what you want. Your Spectrum TV Choice is a customizable option that allows you to choose a total of ten Spectrum Choice channels to add to the lineup of existing fixed channels that come with the package. Are you interested in knowing more? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Spectrum’s à la carte plan.


Spectrum TV Choice is the ultimate TV plan. In a nutshell, it is a streaming service offered to Spectrum internet users. It offers you a wide range of channels at affordable prices and without having to sign a contract with them. Exciting, right?

When you think of cable providers, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional cable connection. You may have overlooked their streaming service as you don’t usually hear about it, but now that you know it exists you might want to consider subscribing to it. With this Spectrum service you can say goodbye to bulky cable boxes and all the paraphernalia that a cable connection requires. In addition, you will not have to wait for the technical service to come to configure it. You can easily use it on your phones, smart TVs, Roku, Xbox One or Apple TV, whatever you already have. Before we jump into the Spectrum channel list, here’s a chart that compares Spectrum TV Choice to Spectrum Select, Silver, and Spectrum Gold plans. If you are still not convinced, this will surely change your mind.


If you’re still not convinced about getting Spectrum’s streaming service, here are a few more perks to jumpstart your switch.

When you get cable TV, it often comes with a host of hidden charges in the form of installation fees, taxes, and equipment fees. When you add these costs, even the cheapest plans are quite expensive. However, with Spectrum TV Choice, this is not a problem. Just visit the Spectrum website and log in with your Spectrum username and password. If you prefer to watch it on your mobile devices or on the TV, you can do that too. Just download the Spectrum app on your device. If you use the app over Wi-Fi, you’ll be signed in automatically, which is great. Apple TV (4th generation or higher), Roku, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire tablets, and Xbox One all work well with this app, so you’ll be set up in no time. Plus, the Roku and Apple TV apps support universal search, which means you can search for shows using the devices’ voice commands.


When it comes to which is better, Spectrum TV Choice or cable, it really depends on your needs and your budget. If you are not a demanding viewer, the streaming service will suit you. On the other hand, if you need a greater variety of channels, then you may want to get a cable plan.

However, it should be noted that, although the Spectrum application works very well at the basic level, it is not the best. Videos are limited to 30 frames per second, which can really kill an action movie. Also, using this service away from home is almost impossible. Sure you can stream some channels live, but many just don’t work. The app could also be improved as it is not compatible with all TV devices. Worst of all, you have to scroll through a long list of on-demand channels you don’t have access to to find the ones you can watch. This makes for a poor user experience and makes it feel like an upsell to one of your cable plans.

If you want, you can log into individual network apps like ESPN and Fox News, but it’s a hassle, especially for those who watch on the go on a daily basis. In that case, cable television would be more effective. On the other hand, only you can answer the question of which is better, so find out what you want from your service before you sign up. But if you are confused, we suggest you try the service. It will give you a better idea for sure.


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