Let’s Answer The Most Popular Questions Related to Solar Panels

Solar panels are not an alien concept that has started making its mark on the market as a newbie; rather, solar panels have been around for a long time and it might have taken a long time to become mainstream but it’s worth the wait. 

There used to be a time when thinking about converting sun rays into usable electricity was out of the question but now, it has been made a possibility and the good news is that, over time, both the effectiveness and the use of solar panels have increased. There are now many programs being run by the government to support the installation of solar panels since even the government knows that solar panels are the future of energy consumption. 

In the U.S only, you can get many kinds of subsidies and tax benefits by installing solar panels in your house or office after solar consulting Orlando. But even with so much popularity and usage, there are still many questions clouding the minds of people regarding solar panels and in this blog post, we will try to answer all those popular questions. 

How does a solar panel work?

There are basically two methods used for harnessing the power of the sun and then turning the sunlight into usable electricity. The first one is the most popular one and you might be familiar with it. It is known as photovoltaics or PV.

These are the panels that you usually see on the rooftop and after solar consulting Orlando, a solar panel company will install only these panels on your roof. When the sunlight falls on the solar panel, all the photons from the sunlight are absorbed by the photovoltaic cells and this is what creates an electric field and results in the proper flow of electricity. 

The second technology used in the case of solar power is known as concentrating solar power and it is usually used in giant power plants where a massive amount of solar energy is required for the operation. In this technology, giant mirrors are used as these mirrors help in concentrating the sunlight at the receiver that is responsible for collecting energy and then converting it into solar energy. 

Is my house suitable for the installation of solar panels?

The modern-day solar panels have been designed to stay operational in every kind of climate but in some cases, the rooftop might not be a suitable place for solar panel installation because of trees or age. If there is a tree that covers the sunlight falling on your roof then you might need solar power consultant Orlando as in such cases, the roof is not the ideal place for solar panel installation. 

But even if your roof is not ideal for solar panel installation, you can still benefit from community solar power where a single source of solar panels is used by various users. The shared solar panels can be installed in both on-site and off-site locations. 

Does solar panel installation save money?

The amount of money you can save on solar panel installation is directly dependent on the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis. Apart from this, the money-saving factor will also depend on how much sunlight you get on your roof, on which scale you are installing the solar panels, and much more. 

Even the electricity rates set by the utility play a major role in deciding how much money you can save on your electricity bills. But be sure that solar energy is going to be cost-competitive in comparison to the energy sold by your local utility. 

Does solar panel installation have an effect on the value of my property?

A home with a solar panel system will automatically be sold at a higher price in comparison to a house with traditional sources of energy. It has been found that after a solar panel installation, the home value can increase by up to 4.1% but then it depends on a couple of factors. 

Are solar panels safe?

You should never worry about the safety of your family members when it comes to solar panel installation and use as a solar panel is not only a renewable and cleanest source of energy but it is completely safe as well. 

All the solar panels meet international testing and inspection standards and they are always installed by highly trained professionals. Even the companies dealing in solar panels installation businesses have to comply with the strict guidelines and standards set by the government otherwise their license for installing solar panels can be canceled. 

Apart from the solar panels installed on the top of your roof will be inspected by a certified electrician as it is a part of the standard solar panel installation system. 

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