Is A High Loft Bed Right For You?

When is a loft bed a good addition to your home or apartment? It’s a given that a high loft bed is a great way to maximize space, especially if you’re worried that your studio apartment or small bedroom isn’t quite big enough to serve your needs.

When considering whether a loft bed is right for your home, there are a few things to take into account. Granted, there are a couple of sure benefits a high loft bed can give you and your family. Included among them are:

1. More Storage Space
Storage space is one popular design feature that comes with many loft beds. Perhaps you feel as though your apartment or bedroom doesn’t have enough storage space for your shoes, clothes, or other personal belongings. Assigning the space underneath the loft bed for storage would be perfect in cases like these. For kids, they can also serve as extra storage for their favorite toys and books.

2. A Designated Work or Play Space
Some loft beds are well-designed enough to allow for a cozy space for you to do your work in. Depending on how they’re designed, this workspace can end up feeling a lot like a work cubicle, giving you that added sense of peace and quiet while you click away at your computer or laptop.

Another way to maximize this space underneath for both adults and kids is by transforming them into a book nook, personal library, or even a little fort or tent to give kids that sense of fun and excitement.

3. Just More Living Space in General
For those living in studio apartments, space can be a tricky thing to come by and create. If you don’t really need a desk or workstation in your home, you can always use the space underneath your loft bed as additional living room space. Set Up a TV on the wall underneath your bed, or fit in a comfy couch and coffee table to entertain guests with.

Loft beds come with enough variations in style, design, and make for you to pick and choose just how you want them to work best for you and your home.

Now that you know some of the biggest benefits to buying a loft bed, take some time to ask yourself the following questions as well just so you can be absolutely sure that they’re the right fit for you:

  1. Is your ceiling high enough?
  2.  Are you comfortable with high places?
  3.  Are you alright with climbing up and down just to get to your bed?

Once you’ve completely thought things through and considered every angle, that’s when it’s time to choose the right loft bed that suits your needs, and your style. Designs, after all, range from the more modern, metal loft beds to the cozy country-style high loft beds for more traditionally-styled bedrooms.

A good place to check out both styles is in Kids N Cribs. Their Cassidy Twin Loft Bed, for example, has that classy American look that makes you feel right at home whether you find yourself on the loft, or below it. As a family-owned business that’s been operating for 36 years, you can be sure that they know their stuff and specialize in offering the best and highest quality loft beds you could find online.

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