How long does Umrah visa take?

Muslims perform the Umrah pilgrimage by travelling to the Saudi Arabian holy city of Makkah and offering some religious rites. The most crucial need is that pilgrims to enter the country (Saudi Arabia) with a valid Umrah visa to undertake the journey. Topic “How long does Umrah visa take?” It will surely be interesting for every Muslim about visa information. So, to know more about it, don’t leave this topic. 

How long does Umrah visa take?

In 2019, The Saudi government introduced a new policy about visas, called e-visa. It was big news for all foreign pilgrims. E-visa processing is very easy for travellers. Now, in 2022, the Saudi government has allowed all visa holders to perform Umrah. Tourist visa holders pilgrims can perform Umrah through the tourist visa. 

What is an Umrah visa?

With the help of an electronic link in any pilgrim’s passport, he can enter Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with an official Umrah visa. Pilgrims can choose this option without setting up a meeting or bringing their original documents to the consular office or Embassy. 

How many days is an Umrah visa?

The Umrah visa allows for multiple entries and a total stay of 90 days. As a result, pilgrims have 90 days to enter and exit the country as often as they like. 

When was the new visa system launched?

First-time, the new e-visa system was introduced by the Saudi government in 2019. This electronic permit is one of the facilities of the 2030 vision for foreigners. It is only available to citizens of 49 countries yet. 

New visa processing for Umrah 

There is great confusion about how long it takes to process an Umrah visa for pilgrims. Anyone can get a new e-Visa in less than 24 hours with the new procedure. Visa may take 2 to 5 days due to other issues, but this is not expected to happen often.

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  Pilgrims will now have to apply for an e-Visa and verify their eligibility before departure. It is important to note that the e-Visa is a multi-entry visa for travelling to Saudi Arabia.

The Umrah e-Visa is a document that allows visitors from recognized countries to enter Saudi Arabia. This eliminates the requirement to visit the Saudi Embassy.

Now in 2022 Saudi government has approved, there is no restriction for all visa holders to perform Umrah. Visitors can perform Umrah with a single-entry tourist visa or a multi-entry tourist visa. This is the declared policy of the government of Saudi Arabia.

A pilgrim must submit his necessary information (full name, address, DOB, passport information, trip itinerary, and contact information) to apply for an e-visa through the Saudi website. 

Pilgrims must pay online visa payments with a debit or credit card after properly filling out all blocks on the application form. When the application is accepted, the Visa is delivered to the applicant through email. People can now download and print their Visas from any location.

The application form-filling process is easier to complete online than it was in the past using paper forms. 

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Umrah Visa Validity

  • Umrah Visa is valid for 90 days or 3 months.
  • Visas for Umrah are not valid for residence or employment
  • If a pilgrim performs Umrah on a single-entry tourist visa, in this case, the visa is valid for 3 months. The permissible period of stay is 30 days. 
  • For Umrah, the multiple-entry tourist visa is valid for 1 year. The permissible period of stay is 90 days.

Umrah Visa Requirements

There are many Umrah visa requirements for pilgrims. These are as follows:

  • The original passport is still valid for 6 months. (From the date of your application) 
  • For the Umrah visa to be approved, a non-refundable return ticket is required.
  • Online application form (to apply for a visa)
  • An active email ID
  • Bank statement (proof of paid customs)
  • Application photo (recent passport photo)
  • Proof of Hotel Booking
  • Scanned bio page of passport


Muslims can perform Umrah at any time of the 12 months. All foreign pilgrims travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with a travel permit, called a visa, which issues by the Saudi authorities. In 2019, the Saudi government has makes visa processing very easy for foreign pilgrims through e-visa. E-visa is an electronic form of a visa. 

The Saudi government has made many changes in its e-visa policy during these last 3 years. Now, each visa holder can perform Umrah, whether he has an Umrah e-visa or a tourist e-visa. If any of you have 60 days left to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, get a good suggestion of the type of visa you need from a reliable travel agency.

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