How Do Professionals Clean Your Gutters In Lynchburg VA?

Gutters can often become clogged over time, and in the worst cases, they can even cause flooding. If you’re in Lynchburg VA and you notice your gutters are starting to look clogged up, it’s time to call a professional to clean them up for you. Here how professionals clean your gutters in Lynchburg VA:

Prerequisite Inspection

One of the most important steps in keeping your gutters clean is to have a professional inspect them before the season starts. This is a prerequisite for many homeowners, but professionals know what to look for. Here are four things you need to know about professional gutters cleaning:

  1. Proper Tools – A good gutter cleaning company will have the proper tools and equipment for the job. They will not use shortcuts, so you can be sure your gutters will be cleaned properly.
  2. Scheduling – You don’t want your gutters cleaning to interfere with your home’s normal maintenance schedules. Make sure to schedule the appointment early in the year so that it won’t conflict with other repairs or remodeling projects.
  3. Accuracy – It’s important that your gutters are cleaned correctly the first time, so make sure to verify that the job was done correctly by asking for proof of work. If there are any issues, be sure to take action right away so they can be fixed before they cause more damage.
  4. Customer Service – Always contact your gutters cleaning company if there are any problems or if you have any questions after the job is completed. They should be able to help you resolve

Professional Gutter Cleaning With a Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is a powerful tool that can easily remove leaves and other debris from your gutters. The high-powered air will also blow any dirt or dust out of the gutters, leaving them clean and clear. This type of cleaning is much more effective than using a hose or power washer, and it will take less time as well.

When hiring a professional to clean your gutters, be sure to ask if they have experience using a leaf blower. This type of equipment can be dangerous if not used properly, so you want to make sure the person you hire knows what they are doing. Once the job is completed, you should inspect the gutters to make sure they are free of debris and functioning properly.

Gutter Cleaning using a Wet/Dry Vacuum

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks your home can have. Not only does it keep your gutters clean and free of debris, but it also helps prevent water damage to your home’s foundations. Professional gutter cleaners use a wet/dry vacuum to clean your gutters quickly and easily. This method is especially effective at removing large debris and leaves, as well as tree branches and leaves.

Manually cleaning the Gutters by Hand

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t feel comfortable having someone else clean your gutters. After all, what if they mess up? But the truth is that professional cleaning by hand is a much more effective way to keep your gutters clean and functioning properly than using a machine. Here are five reasons you should consider hiring a professional to clean your gutters:

  1. It takes more time – A machine will typically clean your gutters in one pass, while a professional will take several minutes to properly clean them. This extra time allows for debris and leaves to be caught and removed, which results in a cleaner gutter system.
  2. It’s more thorough – A machine only goes up and down your gutters; a professional will also go around the entire system. This ensures that all of the nooks and crannies are cleaned, which can prevent clogs from forming in the future.
  3. It eliminates the potential for damage – A machine can cause damage to your gutters if it’s not properly used or maintained. Professionals have years of experience dealing with these types of machines, so they know how to use them safely without causing any damage.


Gutters can become problematic over time and require professional cleaning in order to ensure they are keeping your home dry and free from water damage. If you’re in Lynchburg VA and need your gutters cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact professionals for the best gutter cleaning services.

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