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This is a very popular question and most of us might have faced this type of a situation at least once in our lifetime. Nobody wants to use a dirty mattress. As soon as we feel that the mattress has become dirty, we should immediately take the initiative to clean it. Cleaning immediately is very much important because it helps us to remove the stains with comparatively lesser efforts. If we wait for days or weeks to clean the stain then it might require a much greater effort to remove the stain. In other words, with time the stain becomes very difficult to remove. This is applicable in case of all types of stains including blood. So, without further delay let us start discussing the topic ‘How to Get Blood Out of Mattress’.

The mattress may get stained by blood from an injury, from a pet, or even menstrual blood. In every case the cleaning methods to be followed are quite similar. So, let’s see how we should start our cleaning procedures.

Use of Cold water

The discussion regarding ‘How to Get Blood Out of Mattress should begin with this step. Whenever we come across a blood stain on any type of cloth or mattress, this can be regarded as the first thing which we can try doing. If the blood is fresh, then it will get dissolved in cold water very easily. So, we can take a piece of cleaning cloth or any kind of paper towel. Then we have to wet it using cold water. Then using this wet cloth or wet paper towel we have to dab the area where the blood is present. In this way, we should try to remove the blood slowly as much as possible. However, in this method, we have to make sure that we are not using hot water for cleaning. Some people may assume that hot water, due to its high temperature will help in removing the stain easily. But this is just an assumption. This is because using hot water will make things worse. It will make the stain very much resistant. Also, we have to keep in mind that we do not rub the stain. The cleaning process should be carried out by simple dabbing only.

Using Baking soda

Baking soda can also be used to remove blood stains. It is also regarded as an efficient method during this situation. Hence it must be discussed under our topic ‘How to Get Blood Out of Mattress’. Let us take a look at the method in detail! For this we have to mix baking soda and cold water in a 1:2 ratio. In other words, for a particular amount of baking soda, we should be taking twice the amount of cold water. Then we have to make a mixture from this and then we need to slowly apply this mixture over the stain using any type of cleaning cloth or paper towel. During this time also we should be just dabbing the mixture rather than rubbing. Then we have to wait for thirty minutes in order to allow the mixture to sit for some time. Then we have to take another fresh cloth or paper towel and then dab the area again to remove the mixture. Then we must allow it to air dry completely. If the cold-water technique did not work then this one will surely work for you!

Using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, salt, and corn-starch

This is also a great solution that you can use if you are looking for answers to the question ‘How to Get Blood Out of Mattress’. As we all know, the hydrogen peroxide works wonders on the stains. Salt also has the capability to remove stains. Together both of them are very much efficient in removing stains that are protein based like blood. We have to take all the constituents and then make a mixture using them. This mixture should have a paste-like consistency. Then we have to apply this paste over the stain. Then it is allowed to become completely dry. Once the mixture totally dries up, we have to carefully scrape the mixture out of the mattress. A spatula, knife or other related tools can be used for scrapping the mixture. This should be done very carefully without damaging the material of the mattress. Once all the mixture has been properly scrapped out, we have to vacuum over it. This method can be carried out multiple times till the stain gets removed completely.

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Using meat tenderizer

This method can also be tried out to remove stains from the mattress. In this method we have to make a paste by using meat tenderizer and cold water. Then we have to apply this paste all over the stain. Then we have to let it sit for about an hour so that it completely gets dried. After that we have to take a piece of cleaning cloth and soak it in cold water. Then by using this cloth we have to carefully wipe away the paste from the mattress. Then using a dry cloth, we have to slowly and gently pat the area dry. This process can be tried out if none of the above-mentioned methods work. As we all know, the meat tenderizer is used to tenderize the meat and it functions by breaking down the proteins that are present in the meat. Now, blood is also made up of protein and hence, it will help in removing blood stains.

Now, in this article we have tried to answer the popular question ‘How to Get Blood Out of Mattress’. We have discussed a number of solutions to remove blood stains. Most of them are very easy and can be carried out without much hassle. All the substances required for carrying out the cleaning are easily accessible and most of them are usually available in the kitchen all time. Thus, these remedies are really helpful for dealing with blood stains.

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