Cert 4 IT Essentials Level 4 Build Your Career

If you’ve determined that a career change in IT is precisely what you’re looking for, Cert 4 IT is the foundational piece of the new profession you’re planning to pursue.

Everybody should start by taking that first step to creating an entirely new career path. It’s not easy to make a change or begin with a fresh start, but the results are often significant.

What are these to be used for?

Cert 4 IT course will provide an ideal starting point for those interested in the possibilities of a profession in information technology. The graduates who complete the course are confident in their career choice and will be able to transfer their abilities and skills to begin employment in IT or continue to higher-level studies.

What will you be able to Explore software development

Knowing the basics of designing and developing software is like opening access to a new world. It’s a place of documentation, programming, testing, and bug fixing and is a highly specialized field. This Cert 4 IT will pave the way and give you the initial building blocks and information to help you decide whether this is the right job path that is right for you.

Find ways to solve the issue!

We all appreciate technology when it is working. However, the affection can quickly change to hatred when things get awry! The ability to resolve the most common IT issues is a highly desirable and sought-after skill. It is one you’ll learn in this course.

Set up the office

Information management systems can make or break a company. Information is the basis of any business, and having a successful information management system can be the difference between failure and success. Discover the importance of IT in the effective management of information and learn how your IT can be a part of the solution to the success of your business.

Entry Requirements All applicants must

You must be at least 16 years old when applying for program enrollment.
Have forty credits NCEA (Level 1.) comprising ten literacy and numeracy credits. You can also hold Certificate in Computing Intermediate User.

Other requirements

Skills required for higher education (including numeracy and literacy) could be developed through work, study, and experiences in life. Students who have demonstrated these abilities may be able to qualify to be considered for an alternative entry.

Candidates for whom English is not the primary language must obtain an IELTS academic score of 5.5 or higher, and no band below 5.5 or possess an internationally recognized equivalent or have a New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General or Workplace or Academic)

Additional Information

You’ll need two computers to be able to study this course because of the character of our Technical IT Skills course.

The device you use to access the course should run MS Office 365 (the web-based version is sufficient, but you might prefer installing the program to access some features without internet access).
The computer you require to disassemble and then reassemble. It shouldn’t be a laptop computer or an all-in-one computer.

Accord Trust Scholarship

This scholarship grants fee discounts to campus students that are enroll in NorthTec by 2022. The scholarship can award up to $4000 ($16,444 offered to all) to students. But who are not eligible for other fee-free options. Students who enroll in the NorthTec program via eCampus

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