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Whenever we come across the name Robert Frost, we usually go back to our school days. Since childhood, most of us have had the privilege of reading many of his beautiful creations. One of them which is very remarkable is ‘The Road Not Taken’. Most of us might have read this beautiful creation. He was one of the greatest and notable poets of his time. He was born on March 26, 1874 in California. His father worked initially as a teacher and then took up the job of an editor of a reputed newspaper. One essential quality of his poems is that it is very realistic. We will be able to relate a lot with his poems in every aspect. They are mostly simple and easy to understand. This is very important because if the inner meaning or summary of the poem is not clear to the readers then they will never enjoy it to the fullest. Fortunately, his poems are very subtle. They were mostly based on his day-to-day life experiences and encounters. The theme of the poems was never much complex or intricate. It is very appropriate to say that he captured the rural ideology to a great extent. So, let us continue reading the biography- Robert Frost.

His father passed away when he was very young and thereafter, he was looked after by his grandfather. His grandfather even bought him and his wife Elinor, a beautiful farm. After he passed away, Frost worked very hardly in this farm for about nine years. This time period is of great importance and should be mentioned in biography- Robert Frost. This time period helped him to capture the rural life and its beauty to the maximum extent. Most of his notable works have originated from this place. He used to work hard on the farm during the day. In order to find some spare time for writing poems, he used to get up very early in the morning. So, essentially, we can imply that this farm has seen a lot of poetic creations and experiments of him than most of us. Initially after completing his education, he used to teach students and also perform various odd jobs in order to run the family. Though he tried his hands at a number of jobs, they never gave him the real satisfaction. He didn’t enjoy doing them and very soon he realized that he belonged somewhere else. Writing poems was his true mission. It was after this realization that he started a life at the farm and simultaneously wrote poems too. But after the above mentioned nine years, he had to quit farming as it was not going on properly as expected. He then again stepped into the academic field and was a teacher at many schools, colleges as well as universities. Around this time, he was successful in authoring his first two books which were basically a collection of fabulous poems. Both the books were launched in London. This event gave him the opportunity to meet and become friends with many prominent poets of that time. Thus, it helped a lot in growing his networks. Thereafter he decided to buy a farm in New Hampshire and it was used by him as a summer house. But this time, it was not for farming. There he resorted to various academic activities. It was more importantly used for writing. Today the farm is named after him. It is utilised as a museum as well as site of conducting seminars and conferences for poets and showcases various outstanding poems of his. A lot of seminars and conferences are conducted there on a routine basis. There we can find a lot of memories associated with him. This includes his work and other such things.

Throughout his life, Frost has received various awards and recognitions for his magnificent contribution towards the world of poetry and it finds special mention in his biography- Robert Frost. He has been awarded with many honorary degrees from different universities too. His contribution to the world is such that he is recognised everywhere around the globe. He had a very special technique of teaching his students english. He referred to his particular approach of learning the subject as the sound produced by the sense. During the course of his poetic journey, he has received more than one Pulitzer Prizes. Frost was responsible for great improvements in the academic departments where he taught. He particularly focussed on improving the standard of programs associated with writing. He wanted the students to get all the necessary access in order to sharpen their writing abilities. Thus, it is evident that he wanted to bring forth a great amount of improvement to the field of literature in every possible way. Taking into consideration, this effort of his, he has been adorned with over forty degrees from various reputed as well as notable universities. His awards are so large in number that it is difficult to discuss about all of them in biography-Robert Frost. His contributions are well-known and are recognised by people around the globe.

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Though Frost’s poetic expressions were soothing and enchanting, his life was not so joyful. He suffered several setbacks and griefs during his entire life. And in biography- Robert Frost we must also discuss about it a bit. Unfortunately, he had to deal with many personal losses too. It is fair enough to say that he found his strength and relief through his poems. He lost his father to tuberculosis when he was merely a small boy of eleven years. Five years later, he lost his beloved mother to cancer. Frost passed away on 29 January,1963 in Boston due to complications caused by a prostate surgery. It is very surprising to find out that a great poet whose poems are so realistic, simple, and subtle had a life that was so complicated. It is definitely appropriate to say that pain makes you an entirely different person. You either get suppressed by it or find strength and rise above it. And he surely did the latter through his marvellous poems.

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