AT&T protection insurance: is it worth it?

AT&T offers protection insurance for your devices that covers them in case of loss, theft, damage and failures that occur after the warranty expires. Find out what the coverage is, price and how to hire it. We will also give our opinion on whether it is worth purchasing.

One of the services that AT&T offers its users is Smartphone protection insurance. By hiring it you can protect your equipment in case of theft, failure or damage out of warranty. If one of these incidents occurs, you will not have to assume the full cost of the equipment, you will only have to pay the assigned deductible.

AT&T protection insurance is a service of the renowned insurance and investment company Allianz Mexico and managed by Asurion Mexico. To hire it, you just have to buy a postpaid plan with equipment in any of the stores and activate it.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that you only have up to 30 days after purchasing the equipment to activate the AT&T protection tracking. Learn more about this service and if it is worth hiring it.

What does AT&T cell phone insurance cover?

AT&T protection insurance covers the insured property in the event that the loss is due to any of the following causes:

  • Physical damage
  • Stole
  • Electrical or mechanical failure

Incidents that occur after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired and that prevent the operation of the equipment due to failure of one of its Tuesdays or due to normal wear and tear are valid.

The insurer undertakes to replace the device with one of the same category, new or renewed, which may be of a different brand, model or color.

This insurance does not cover claims caused by the following assumptions:

  • Loss of equipment for any reason other than theft.
  • indirect damage
  • Damages and losses as a result of the insured having intentionally disposed of the equipment or due to dishonest, fraudulent or criminal acts.
  • Damages and losses due to obsolescence.
  • Damages and losses caused to the external appearance of the equipment without affecting its operation. For example: scratches, bumps, change in color or finish.
  • Damage and loss caused by failure of repair, installation, service or maintenance performed by a third party that is not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Damages and losses caused by abusive use of the equipment or failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Damages and losses caused by electrical failures and/or that arise during the warranty period.

AT&T mobile insurance: our opinion

In our opinion, AT&T protection insurance is a service that provides peace of mind when purchasing a Smartphone, since you will be protected against any unforeseen event outside the manufacturer’s warranty.

In the event that you are a victim of theft or your equipment suffers physical damage or an electrical/mechanical failure that prevents it from functioning, you will not be left incommunicado nor will you have to assume the full cost of a new equipment. The insurer provides you with advice, covers the replacement and you would only pay a fraction.

The amount to pay monthly for having protection insurance is affordable and will depend on the equipment you have.

Although the replacement of the equipment will not exceed the maximum limit indicated in the insurance certificate, which is the value of the insured property less the deductible, the savings are considerable since you will not have to pay for all the equipment. The deductible for damage or failure is 30% and for theft is 40%.

The same thing happens with the repairs covered by insurance, although they are not free since they have a deductible of $25 to $125 pesos, you will save money depending on the fault that occurs.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that only a maximum of 2 equipment replacements are allowed in a period of 12 consecutive months, regardless of the cause. For this reason, even if you have AT&T protection insurance, it is important to take care of the equipment.


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