Answering Important Questions about AK 47 Parts

Whether you own an AK47 (or some similar semi-automatic “variant” that is legal in your jurisdiction) or you’re simply looking for parts for a history enthusiast, you might have some interesting questions that can be tough to answer.

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What Are the Major Components of an AK 47 [AK 47 Parts]
The major external AK 47 parts are:

  • Receiver
  • Buttstock
  • Upper handguard
  • Gas tube & lock
  • Barrel
  • Lower handguard
  • Magazine
  • Mag release lever
  • Pistol grip
  • Trigger
  • Recoil spring cam
  • Safety lever
  • Charging handle
  • Rear sight
  • Front sight
  • Muzzle brake
  • Bayonet lug

Although these are the main external components of an AK 47, there are many pins, springs, and other parts used in the assembly and inner workings of the trigger assembly and action.

Are AK 47 Parts Interchangeable?
Many producers that made AK 47 rifles under contract with Russia did so according to stringent regulations that would make most if not parts interchangeable. That is if you have a Russian-made AK or an official variant produced in another country, most if not all parts for the same model should be equivalent.

However there have been many, many manufacturers around the world that have “ripped off” the basic design of the AK, so unless you are sure of the origin of yours, there’s no guarantee that parts will be interchangeable – take it to a gunsmith and ask.

There Are Both Milled and Stamped Receivers. Is One Superior to the Other?
Milled receivers are machined from a solid billet of steel, and are heavier than stamped receivers. Milled receivers can be identified by the cuts milled out of them that were intended to lighten the receiver.

Stamped receivers were produced because they are cheaper and lighter than milled receivers. That does not necessarily make them inferior.

A milled receiver is stronger – if you take the rifle apart and subject the receiver to stress tests that you’ll never realistically encounter in a shooting situation. Other than that categorical difference, there is no actual, noticeable difference between the strength and performance of milled and stamped receivers.

Is There Any Way to Mount Optics on an AK 47?
The original AK 47 design is very archaic and didn’t make it easy to mount optics or most other shooting accessories, for that matter. An AK will accept a sling and a bayonet, but not that much else. There may be a dogleg mount on the left side of the receiver for mounting optics, but it’s not the most ergonomic design in the world.

Later on, some manufacturers produced AK 47 rifles with receiver mounts over the rear receiver extension, making it easier to mount optics. It is also possible to replace the rear sight assemble and install a rail adapter or have a gunsmith do so for you. That will eliminate your rear sight but will give you the ability to mount an optic on the rifle.

Where Can I Get Quality, Reliable AK 47 Parts?
The AK 47 was and is notorious for overheating, although it was equally notable for remaining reliable in adverse conditions, even when it was not cleaned fastidiously.

Whatever the case, there are times when you’ll need AK 47 parts or compatible parts on hand in order to make repairs. If you need a new trigger, a new rear sight, or a new gas tube, you need to know where to go to get it.

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