‘A Way Out’ gana un Bafta Games Awards

The British academy awards ‘A Way Out’ for its revolutionary cooperative gameplay and surpasses Super Smash Bros, Battlefield V or Mario Party, among others.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has awarded A Way Out as the best multiplayer video game , the work of Hazelight Studios, creator of the prestigious Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.  The title, directed by the film director and designer Josef Fares, has surpassed Super Smash Bros, Battlefield V and Mario Party 8 thanks to its revolutionary cooperative gameplay .

The merit lies mainly in having surpassed video games as consolidated in the market as Battlefield and those of the Nintendo brand (the party, very focused on the casual public and Smash Bros, in a more specific one), Overcooked 2 or Sea of Thieves , which started off generating a lot of buzz, though quickly fizzled out.

The play is a third-person action adventure, expressly designed to play together, either online or side by side, which makes it more interesting and immersive. In fact, its reception in the public was good in critics and in sales , quickly exceeding the expectations of its producer EA Originals: in just three months it already exceeded 2.6 million copies sold.

EA Originals distributes a good story

The plot narrates the adventures of Vincent and Leo, two inmates who coincidentally meet in prison and decide to cooperate to go out together and finish off the trafficker who put them behind bars , Harvey. The two are psychologically different criminals: the first is a more refined and delicate thief while the second is aggressive, violent and temperamental.

From then on: fights, stealth scenes, driving and escapes in cars, exchanges of shots… A variety of frenetic situations and playable mechanics that make it difficult for players to feel that the story progresses boringly and monotonously.

The novelty of the game is not so much in itself that the story is played by two characters, but rather that they must necessarily be handled by humans , there is no possibility of completing it with AI.

The gameplay marries both playfully and narratively: the two players have to cooperate as much as Vincent and Leo do in the script. In fact, the development of the relationship between the two is one of the fundamental pillars of the game. There will be interesting decisions that will arise when problems arise and both will have different ways of solving them . It will be the players themselves who choose which of the two is the most appropriate to accept the different conflicts that arise.

The latter encourages the game to be enjoyed more than once to see how certain decisions influence the development of the plot (or its end) and how it could vary it. Its duration also helps to do so: completing the game takes an average of 6 hours.

a spectacular photograph

Whether we enjoy the work on LAN or online, almost always the screen will appear split in two —not always necessarily horizontally— with the vision of each character, something unheard of up to now and based on the need that both do not always share the same space.

A Way Out has exceptional photography , with a set of varied, attractive shots that are very much in tune with the gameplay and that at all times adapt to it and mold perfectly to offer a great player experience.

The many different scenarios where the story unfolds reinforce the graphic quality of the work . The claustrophobic sensation of the prison, its perfect functioning and the depressive atmosphere, the freedom in the middle of the forest, the exaltation during the action scenes… Each space and scene transmit a spirit that can be completely contradictory with the one lived a few moments before but that they denote a meticulous work of preparation of the different atmospheres that the game proposes.

Its sound section is also quite careful and worked . The music always combines with what is shown on the screen and the voice actors do an exceptional job so that many times we doubt whether we are facing a typical indie game or a feature film, something understandable if we start from the basis that one of its pillars fundamentals, Josef Fares, is not only a video game designer but also a film director

 ‘A Way Out’… ¿Desafiante?

The work of Hazelight Studios does not know how to fit the difficulty of an adventure game with an action one . A priori , the first is more focused on enjoying the evolution of the plot, the environments, the characters, while the second prioritizes the gameplay and its difficulty.

And that’s the main problem: A Way Out doesn’t end up demanding too much . It is not challenging. The only punishment for dying is to go back to the immediately previous script , leaving the player unconcerned and taking away the sense of challenge it should have. Its learning curve is very pronounced due to the ease of adaptation to the controls and gameplay , so any player, by chance , will be able to enjoy the work.

The game directed by Josef Fares incorporates a large selection of mini-games during the course of the story that superficially break with the linearity of the story and give it an entertaining way of competing between the two players, thus increasing the performance of the game.

Among them, we find from the typical gym exercises —common in prisons—, farm games, musical instruments, multiple sports and even an arcade machine !

The setting, the great narrative, the psychological depth of the protagonists, its innovative cooperative gameplay system… Anyone would say that it is an indie game in which less than 15 employees have been involved —and that, according to its director, 70% were interns—.

A Way Out is the perfect opportunity to invite your best friend over . The game offers the possibility that you enjoy your free time comfortable on the sofa, tasting some snacks and enjoying an attractive plot. Protect yourself from any problem at home that prevents you from having a good time with this video game.

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