A Dune Buggy in Dubai Guide

The dune buggy was uniquely planned by our CEO remembering the different weaknesses of other hill carriages and sand rails right now on the lookout. Accordingly, the experience you escape being in the driver’s seat of the dune buggy is one like no other! Furthermore, you don’t have to know how to head to get controlling everything, except erring on this in a little.


The dune buggy is a strong build outfitted with cutting-edge suspension, security tackles, and transmission frameworks. This implies you’ll have all the drive you want to fuel that gutsy energy. The can seat and a roll confines add a component of wellbeing so that you’re in finished control and certainty when you hold the directing haggle the choke.

For added security, we likewise give you a protective cap and goggles. You’ll likewise have our specialized group going with you during your experience for any help you could require!


None at all! You truly don’t for a moment even need to know how to drive. After fast instructions from our experts, you’ll be offered the chance to get out on the sand and partake in a noteworthy encounter! The dune buggy is furnished with programmed transmission frameworks which give you the adaptability to zero in on your experience as opposed to the better subtleties.

Members can follow a desert escort over the hills. You will have amazing chances to take off on your own over the moving red and gold sands once you know all about the territory. The visit chiefs will be close by to help you with any inquiries or issues.

You can benefit from either the morning or night openings, or attempt one of our created bundles that permit you the choice of consolidating encounters, for example, camel journeying, confidential meals, desert safaris, or even push the rhythm and plan a short-term visit to genuinely drench yourself in the experience soul!

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