8 Reasons Rechargeable Headlamps are Better Compared to Battery-Powered Headlamps

Confused about whether to go for a rechargeable headlamp or the traditional one that runs on AAA alkaline batteries? We, owing to your purpose intent, selecting from these two could pose a dilemma.

However, you don’t have to worry as we are here to solve that riddle for you. In a single point, our suggestion is – rechargeable headlamp.

Below, we have mentioned various reasons to back our claim.

1.High Lumens – Suitable for High Drain Devices

Rechargeable lithium batteries have higher output capacity in lumens than alkaline battery based headlamps. These are specifically designed for high drain devices like headlamps and flashlights. This ensures that such headlamps provide constant high power flow for a longer duration. High lumens output also mean that in deep dark terrains or whenever necessary you are able to get requisite illumination.

2. Consistent Light Output

Rechargeable LED lights are popular amongst users because these provide constant high lumens output. You won’t be required to dim the light to save battery life, as the case with alkaline battery headlamps. for more information visit our website https://www.hokolite.com/

3. You Can Go for Dual Mode

You may argue that when an alkaline battery drains out, you can simply replace that with your backup battery. Whereas recharging the rechargeable headlamp could take some time. However, most rechargeable headlamps (under 500 lumens output) come with a dual power mode, wherein you can use either the rechargeable option or the disposable alkaline batteries. In some of the higher lumens rechargeable headlamps you may not find this option, but the battery run time is already much longer in them, so that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

4. Rechargeable is Cheap Over Long Time

Compared to few years ago, rechargeable headlamps have become much more affordable. While these are still a few bucks costlier than alkaline battery based headlamps, these tend to be cheaper over long duration. There is no need to replace the batteries with new ones, and you only need to charge the rechargeable batteries which consume little power.

5. Eco-Friendly

An environmental concern with alkaline batteries is that once they have dried out, needs to be disposed. This can potentially harm the environment. With rechargeable batteries, this thing can be easily avoided. Even with present alkaline batteries not containing mercury, these still add to the trash, which can be easily avoided using rechargeable batteries.

6. Weight Factor, Space-Constraints, Convenience

If you are using an alkaline battery headlamp then you would need to carry extra batteries. This adds to the total weight you need to carry. The longer you intend to use the headlamp, more batteries you will have to pack, especially if you are going for camping. With a rechargeable headlamp, you just need to pack a USB power bank. And rechargeable batteries are easy to recharge. You just need to plug-in and recharge via a USB or a power outlet.

7. Rechargeable Means More Confidence in Battery Life

If you are using a AAA battery headlamp for the first time, then you wouldn’t be certain of the running time of the device. And this uncertainty often leads people to replace batteries which could be half-full. This reduces the efficiency factor. When your rechargeable battery dries out while you are out, you can simply recharge that using the USB power bank.

Rechargeable headlamps also provide longer usable battery life. With battery powered headlamps, the advertised lumen output carries on roughly for half an hour max. However, that is not the case with rechargeable batteries. These start to dim when the capacity drops, usually at below 25% charge.

8. Rechargeable Batteries Work Better in Cold Weather

If you plan to run nigh time or in late evening during winters, or if you plan to go for camping when it’s freezing cold, rechargeable headlamp is your better bet. These work well in cold temperatures, even at below 0 degrees.

I guess, above points are enough to conclude that rechargeable headlamp is the better pick amongst two, whether you are looking to buy kids headlamp, running headlamp or for other purpose.

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