8 Reasons How African American Hair Transplants Beneficial

Hair loss is no doubt an overwhelming situation to deal with for both men and women. It is a common problem that occurs regardless of race and gender. Most black males and females experience loss of hair due to particular reasons. For males, it is androgenic alopecia that causes receding hairline. It usually appears due to changes in certain hormones, such as androgens. Black females tend to lose their hair due to traction alopecia. It mainly happens due to heat, wearing tight hairstyles, and chemicals. This can lead to the pulling and stretching of hair roots which could result in hair loss. However, hair transplant for African American women is a reliable solution to fix the issue. Although there are plenty of notions about this kind of hair restoration. It presents a unique set of challenges but is beneficial as well.

Distinctive Shape

Black hairs have a distinctive C shape that causes the hairs to grow curly. So, it can pose challenges to surgeons while extracting the hairs for implantation. Conversely, the C shape of hairs also provides more coverage to the scalp. Hence, the surgeon would need to remove fewer grafts to cover the scalp. It implies especially during hair transplants for black males who need grafts implanted on top of the head. So, the surgeon can target the bald area to cover it with fewer healthy grafts.

Realistic Outcomes

Afro-textured hairs no doubt have complex characteristics that make them difficult to transplant. But once they are implanted with the right techniques, they depict real results. The black hair restoration specifically works to provide a natural-looking shape and hair pattern. Thus, after implanting new hair, you will feel more confident about your looks.

Prevents Keloid Scarring

Such scarring is mainly associated with black hair transplant surgery. It often occurs due to the strip method of hair restoration rather than FUE. It appears lumpy and scary on the scalp. But, the refined technique of FUE will prevent this scarring. The surgeon would extract hairs individually using specialized tools. Hence, you can have a clean scalp after implanting hair into a bald scalp.

Minimum Invasion

It is often considered that dealing with black hair leads to excessive use of surgical tools. But it is not the real truth as now the advanced techniques are better than conventional surgeries. Now hair transplants for African American women can be accomplished with automated tools. So this could prevent bleeding and inflammation on the scalp caused by surgical tools. The FUE technique can restore the hairs on the sides, top, and crown to cover hair thinning and baldness.

Treats Telogen Effluvium

This is a hair loss problem that can trigger due to excessive stress. It is common among people of all communities and ethnicities. But can leave the effects differently on black men and women. It can cause temporary or permanent loss of hairs by stopping their growth. So, the black scalps tend to highlight more than white, with hair thinning and baldness. Afro hair restoration can work to restore hair loss due to TE effectively.


The average cost of a hair transplant per session can vary from 5K to 15K. It is computed based on grafts used for implantation. However, the need for wavy grafts is less to cover the scalp. Hence, this is a more cost-friendly treatment than other hair types. However, you must discuss your needs and cost with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Faster Recovery

Afro hair transplant for black males has a faster recovery period. For a few days, you need to take rest at home. The scabbing from surgery would fall off in a few days. Also, the pain and inflammation will go away with medication. You will be advised to ignore strenuous activities for a week.

Permanent Results

This hair restoration would provide you with permanent results. The hairs implanted will grow back in a period of 8 to 12 months. You can visibly notice the growth of wavy and curly hairs with the right pattern. This would certainly build up your confidence and improves your looks.

To Sum Up

By consulting with a hair specialist, you can get solutions to restore kinky and curly hair. Hair transplant for African American women and men is an intense approach to restoring hair. Regardless of the challenges, it can derive quality results in the form of natural-looking hair. Therefore, you do not need to cope-up with hair loss and regret it more. You can get them back with full density and strength. 

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