6 Things You Should Expect from Women’s Hunting Pants or Bibs

Can you hunt in an old pair of jeans? Absolutely. But the outdoor sports industry offers specialized women’s hunting pants for a reason. It’s because they’re more practical.

On that note, let’s take a look at some features that (almost) any pair of pants designed specifically for outdoorswomen should offer.

They Should Be Warm
Unless you’re looking for a pair of pants for the dove opener in your state, chances are your season is going to open a little later in the fall. For most hunters around the country, this means dipping mercury.

Granted, there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, you should look for lightweight insulation that won’t add bulk. Late fall and winter can get pretty cold.

It’s a plus if they’re breathable, by the way, because even in cold temperatures, you can get hot if you’re stalking and not sitting in a blind or stand.

They Should Offer Concealment
Camouflage is near-mandatory for pursuing waterfowl, turkey, and predators, and beneficial when you’re sitting in a stand waiting for deer. Truth be told, camo gives you a bit of an edge even if you’re sitting on the ground hunting squirrels.

But – one size does not fit all. You need to match the camo to the environment. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb at the edge of a late-season cornfield if you’re wearing a pattern like Mossy Oak Obsession that’s heavy on the greens, which is better for early fall and mid-to-late spring hunting when there’s a lot of foliage about.

The point is camo patterns matter. Preferably, the pants you’re looking at buying should offer your options. (Match your hunting jacket, too, while you’re at it. You don’t want to create noticeable lines or breaks in the pattern of your hunting gear.)

They Should Be Waterproof (or at Least Water Repellent)
Getting out to your stand in the early morning, you will get soaked walking through knee-high grass and brush. Forget it if it is raining.

And getting wet is a one-way ticket to hypothermia, discomfort, and downright misery. They should be waterproof or at least offer a water-repellent finish. This maxim holds for all your gear, and not just regarding hunting bibs or pants for women.

They Should Be Quiet
If you’re hunting from a stand, being able to remain quiet – as you retrieve a call from your pocket, for instance – is imperative.

Look for fabrics that are advertised as quiet, or that feature a brushed Tricot shell, which helps to deaden noise and movements. Also, let your experience dictate what you prefer. A sticker may say “quiet fabric” but your experience in the field should be your first teacher, here.

They Should Be Tough
All things considered, you want to wear pants that are reinforced where it matters, such as at the seat, knees, and seams. Some disciplines of hunting are more physical than others. Upland hunting, for example, will shred a low-quality pair of hunting pants in a single outing.

Buy for quality. If you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar.

A Drop-Seat Design is a Bonus, Too
One more thing – sometimes when you’re in nature, nature calls. A drop-seat design will make it much more convenient for you to relieve yourself when you’re in the field.

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