6 Reasons to Make an Expandable Baton Part of Your Self-Defense Plan

Batons are typically used by police, security and military personnel. However, expandable
batons are legal for civilians to own in some states as well. If your state allows you to carry a
baton and use it when you need to protect yourself, then it is advisable keep one handy as a non-
lethal self-defense weapon. A stick of any type, particularly a swift metal stick, is just about the
easiest thing for anyone to use for self-defense. Batons can deliver a powerful sting on any
suspect, especially when expanded into a two-foot-long weapon.
Here are several reasons why expandable batons are the best non-lethal weapons to add to your
self-defense toolbox:

  1. Physical Distance

Expandable batons can be used from a two-foot distance. Expand the baton and point it outward
from your body in order to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the attacker when
deploying the weapon. This isn’t the case with other weapons such as pepper spray or a stun gun,
in which you would need to be in close proximity to the attacker in order for those weapons to be

  1. Non-Lethal Self-Defense Force

A self-defense expandable baton allows you to protect yourself from a suspect without causing a
deadly injury. If you do not feel comfortable carrying a weapon that may result in death if used,
then a baton will give you just the amount of force needed to keep yourself safe.

  1. No Ammunition Required

Another great advantage of carrying a baton is that no ammunition or any other accessories are
needed to use it. Expandable batons are ready for immediate use.

  1. Easy to Conceal

Expandable batons are self-defense tools that can be kept just about anywhere. When locked in
the closed position, they can be easily tucked into a purse or bag. In the car, they fit well in the
glove box and at home they can be kept hidden anywhere in case of a break-in. Many people
keep them in a nightstand or behind a planter. There are also small batons designed to attach to a

  1. Powerful Potential

An expandable baton can deliver a powerful sting to an attacker. Some batons are now equipped
with an LED light that helps to disable the attacker when flashed in their eyes. Although batons
are usually lightweight, they tend to inflict up to 30 pounds of pressure when swung. Due to their
portability and small size, they manage to remain a powerful and intimidating tool.

  1. Training

Although you should certainly be comfortable when using a baton, there is no formal training
required such as with a stun gun or firearm. Practice how to handle and lock the baton, as well as
the most common and effective moves and you will be all set to start carrying an expandable
baton for your own protection.

How To Properly Hold a Baton

The most common way to hold a baton is to keep your thumb on the side, close your fingers, and
simply turn your body to create a significant arm movement from your shoulder down to your
When swinging the baton, ensure to keep your arm close to your body. Position your hand into a
fist and tuck your thumb inside. This will allow you to control the baton and make it easier to

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